What's a good portfolio project?


What things should be included in a good portfolio project when you’re a junior developer. I’m guessing that showing you used TDD to build the app is one thing. What about the complexity level of the app? Are there any particular features or charateristics that are particularly good to include in your project?


I think the most important thing is that your portfolio app actually do something useful to (at least) you. If you invent some problem to solve you’re also going to invent features which won’t take you anywhere interesting. With even just one customer – even if the customer is you – this changes. It also ensures that you’ll want to work on and complete it. Find a problem and solve it. Have 1000 people already solved it? So what - you can do it the way you want it done.

When I review someone’s sample code, I’m not looking to check off a list of rails features that they’ve used. Mostly I’m looking to get a sense of their style and some areas of the code I want to ask follow-ups on.

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@derekprior Thanks for the insight, that makes sense.