Who's going to RailsConf 2015?

RailsConf is coming up and pretty quick. Hopefully I will see some of you there.

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In. Let’s meet up! http://twitter.com/adarshp

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I hope to make it someday to Railsconf. Would be my first time in The States too.

Going to one of these tech conferences is on my bucket list. Sadly I can’t afford the time away from work or the travel expenses and my work only sends the sales people to these sorts of events. :frowning:

I will be there. See you there @Jared_Smith.

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Very jealous… Have a great time!


Headin to ATL as well. See you there!

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Another +1 jealous :). You all have a great time.

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We should plan to grab lunch or a beer or something. Who’s in?

I’m in! Sounds fun.

I’ll be there too! My first conference; I was chosen to be an Opportunity Scholar. I hope to meet some of you.

I’ll be there with @seangriffin, and we’ll be recording a few Bike Shed podcasts as well. If you want to be in the loop on when those are happening, follow @_bikeshed.

Hopefully we’ll actually have our talks written by then, too!