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Who's going to RailsConf 2017?

It’s that time again for the annual “Who’s going to RailsConf?” thread.

We’re less than a week out now. So, who else is making the trek to Phoenix this year?

I know @derekprior will be there. @r00k, how about you? Anyone else from the team?

I’ll be there with Thom Obarski, our podcast and video content producer. Sean Griffin and I will be recording some episodes of the Bike Shed, including one live episode with a special guest and a Q&A session. Follow @_bikeshed for information on that. You can also pre-order sweet Bike Shed t-shirt for delivery at the conference.

I’ll be giving a talk on how we can use RESTful thinking to develop better Rails applications. That is in the first talk slot on Tuesday morming. Please say hello if you’ll be there and I’ll give you some frree thoughtbot swag.

Hi! I just joined Upcase yesterday and this is my first post. I’ll be representing Colorado at RailsConf!


@derekprior Awesome! Already had your talk on my list but now I have another reason to drop in.

@lindajeen Welcome aboard! I’m sure you’ll find Upcase to be a treasure trove of fantastic information (it’s sure helped me!)

For those headed to Phoenix, want to grab a table together for lunch on Wednesday?

Oh, one question @derekprior, any idea how the sizes are going to run on the shirts?

The straight cut shirt seems pretty true to size. Maybe… maybe a touch larger than usual. @ThomObarski do you know if measurement information is available for the shirt?

@khundawg @derekprior So I’m 90% sure this is the correct size chart for the straight cut; our printer/distributor doesn’t list sizes so had to dig back to the original producer. Seems they run a bit bigger than I’d expect.