Why I switched to spacemacs from vim

I have been a vim user for only a year. I had spent 6 months editing my .vimrc to perfection and then a friend of mine showed me spacemacs. I was a bit skeptical at first since I already was comfortable with vim and had achieved a speed I liked in my workflow, a few days ago I bit the bullet and literally I am amazed at how everything just works in spacemacs… Out of the box it works perfectly, and programming in elisp/lisp is great and readable. Tmux, Rspec, everything I need in spacemacs is there without minimum customization … and a great community on gitter to boot. I would highly recommend the switch to anyone… It’s vim and emacs in one package that works marvelously!

Cool, been thinking about getting in to Clojure or working through SICP which uses Scheme (a Lisp). Will have to give this a shot sometime. So all the vim plugins and configurations in vimrc work?

Yes and no, basically you’ll be working on the Emacs side of things and pretty much every plugin has been ported that is a necessity, it took me 6 months to configure my vimrc the way i wanted and with this it took me 3 days ( all the normal vim bindings work perfectly ) It is just magical, and im about to release my first plugin in elisp!!! Thats like 2 weeks of not even knowning the language to making it do what I want it to do…

@staycreativedesign you mentioned Tmux. Doesn’t spacemacs run in GUI?

There is GUI and terminal version, basically I have various buffers with , zeus, rails server, console, broswerify… if you guys are interested in using browserify in spacemacs just shoot me a reply! I’m loving it.

After a few months with spacemacs I have gone back to using VIM using Tmux and tmuxinator which is great…