Working Remote and paying the bills with code

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to open a discussion about working remotely, and gaining clients. I wanted to see if anyone had an insight on an effective way to gain clients, while working remotely.

I’ve got a pretty great situation with a part time job, that basically allows me to work form wherever, and I want to keep the lifestyle going. However, the position is not coding based. I know others must be interested in learning to code because they want to attain or continue a lifestyle like that.

Anyways, is anyone out there, living on the road, paying the bills with code? Gaining clients on the road seems like a challenge. I’d be interested in how you do it. I heard of one strategy, is working with agency as a sub contractor for when they get a big contract, kinda be the first guy they call

I’m currently employed by a company, but if I wasn’t I wouldn’t like to worry about dealing with clients and keeping them happy. Instead, I’d give a try to things like this:

I am working remotely and paying the bills with code :slightly_smiling: The company I work for is currently on the lookout for good developers.Shoot me a message if you are interested to know more!

I work remotely probably 90% of the time, but I work for a single company. I don’t think I could make it work with clients in different timezones to be honest, I’m also terrible at dealing with clients in general.

I’m currently working remotely for a single company, with other devs spread across NZ, US and me in the UK. I think in general, client work (I used to work in an agency) is a lot of extra overhead on top of the coding, especially as a sole proprietor.

Check out for a good selection of remote work (where I found my present gig).