Yet another vim plugin for running tests

I like testing and I like vim. Therefore I wanna be able to run my tests from within vim really easily. I looked around at available plugins for doing so but found them lacking one area that was quite important to me. That is not only working with a specific language or test framework. I study computer science and work with different languages all the time so I don’t wanna have to install a separate test runner for each language. I also wanted to learn some vim script so thought it would be a fun exercise.

The result is vim-spectacular.

As listed in the readme its core features are

  • Works with any language.
  • You can configure multiple ways to run tests for the same language.
  • You can configure things like “if I’m in a rails app and this test file requires rails to be loaded run tests this way otherwise run them this way”.
  • It remembers the last test file you ran and re-runs that if you switch to a non-test file.

I have been using it for a couple of months now and so far it does everything I need. So thought I would share it here.

This is my first plugin so I could most certainly benefit from some feedback :smile: