3 post replies for new users

This seems way too low. This makes it very hard for new users to get involved in the community and have discussions with other users. Also the distrust right off the bat feels very unwelcoming. I would like to propose that there should be a basic level of trust that does not limit new users to what they can do with the option to demote users if they become a problem for the community.

I also do not see any information related to the trust structure in that FAQ. Perhaps I’m missing where that information is conveyed?

Where did you read about this limitation? I am not aware of any.

I received the following last night. I got a response from Chad Pytel this morning saying that it must be a Discourse setting that was on by mistake or at too low of a limit. I was going to delete this topic but I couldn’t find the button to do that.


I’m guessing this is a discourse rule, not imposed by thoughtbot.

I’ve lifted this limit in the Discourse settings. Sorry for the trouble.

No worries! Thanks for looking at this/fixing it so quickly.