Any good wysiwyg editors?

Does anyone know of a decent wysiwyg editor that integrates well with Rails? I need it to support image uploads to S3.


I’ve used and been happy with (well, as happy as I can be with a WYSIWYG editor) TinyMCE.

Not positive about the image upload portion though.

Tinymce is a great suggestion, I am using it and there is also a gem to make it easier to integrate into rails. There are so tutorials out there to extend it and add upload features.

We’ve used on a project I recall reading somewhere that Basecamp uses it, too. There’s also, which is great if you’re using Bootstrap and want a nice editor to go with that.

It doesn’t support S3 Image upload out of the box, but that can be done on the Rails side with Paperclip or CarrierWave.

We were content with it (as content as anybody can be with a WYSIWYG editor).