Anyone setup vim to do java/maven work?

I have to do some testing of some java files, and would really prefer to stay in vim and not have to move to Eclipse.

Has anyone setup anything like this? What would you recommend?

There are a few maven plugins, but many seem to be old or limited in functionality; i.e.,

dareni/maven-ide : last updated in 2013
vim-maven-plugin : updated Jan 2016, but doesn’t process pom.xml file
maven-compiler : last updated Jan 2015; not sure what yet what command :compiler mvn actually does
vim-maven-syntax : last update Feb 2016; seems straight-forward
fedkey/maven-ide : last updated Jul 2016
ssmccoy/mvn ; May 2015
vimux-maven-test : Feb 2015; commands for running tests
vim-search-maven : Aug 2016; simple dependency search utility

There are more, but many are just too old to be of much use (same for some of the above).

There’s also eclim updated Jan 2017 which might be the way to go?

Any insights would be appreciated…

Hi Jon - I do not have experience using eclim but I worked with a team of Java developers and the vim guys swore by eclim. Though they said it was a beast to setup.

Thanks very much, Matt…

I’ve (hopefully) got eclim setup and running with Eclipse & vim… I wouldn’t say “beast” but “barbarian” might do. Actually went fairly quickly and the basic :PingEclim command works find, but so far none of the maven commands seem to work and that’s what this project uses. I’ll probably have to learn more than I care to…

And, yes… I’ve read lots of good things about eclim; just wasn’t interested because it uses Eclipse and things are slow enough without adding that to my workflow :=)

Anyway, thanks again for the feedback!

FWIW, I now have eclim running successfully in vim. I’m able to run Maven commands (:Mvn) to validate, install, etc. And I’m able to run the Jetty webserver from inside vim and get the test web page up and running.

None of the maven plugins I mentioned earlier are required: eclim does it all. Pretty mpressive!