Hands on Backbone: vim and Ejmodel, Ejview, etc?

Hi, I notice @seangriffin types some EjHelpers while editing code: Ejmodel, Ejview, Ejcollection, etc.

How do I copy them into my vimrc? Are they based on tpope’s projectionist? I searched GitHub - sgrif/vim-config: My personal vim configuration. but didn’t see how they were defined.

More generically, I’d welcome any hints on how to navigate backbone better… Ctrlp works OK, but I keep opening the wrong language (“dangit, a ruby model. I wanted js”).


Here you go. :slight_smile: dotfiles/rails-projections at master · sgrif/dotfiles · GitHub

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@seangriffin Is there a way to generalize the Angular ones in that file that currently reference a single project?

Excellent! I never knew about those custom projection hooks.

Thanks Sean.