Anyone want to pair on an exercise in portable application code? (Rails + RubyMotion)

I’ve been working on a new (ok, not really new, but more defined) idea of how to share code nicely between Rails and RubyMotion apps using EBI (Entity, Boundary, Interface).

I’m wondering if anyone is keen to spend a little time occasionally, pairing with me on screenhero working through play projects trying to implement it with me.

I’ll eventually be posting the results on but they’re yours of course to share and all credit will be shared completely.

I’ve never done a lick of objective-c or motion, but sure. What timezone and timeframe are you thinking? I do a lot of pairing and mentoring, so we need to nail down a time.

That’s alright, it might be advantageous actually. Have you watched uncle bob’s architecture the lost years? That’s basically what I’m looking to find a solution to between RubyMotion and Rails (or other web) apps. What timezone are you in? I’m +10 Sydney, Australia.

Yes, I love that talk. Although I don’t go quite that far.

Here is my schedule calendar: Calendly - James OKelly (thatrubylove)

see if there is a time that works for you. I am using my paid-coaching scheduler, but this isn’t going to be paid coaching. :slight_smile: