Best iOS testing tools/sites

iOS folks,

I have been doing a little bit more iOS lately, and I really miss the sense of security that I get from doing TDD in Ruby. I’ve been looking at some iOS testing tools, and I was curious which ones get the Thoughtbot/Upcase endorsement.

Here’s the SO post with some links that I was reading, but I’m curious about some practitioner opinions.

Hi Geoff,

If you’re using Objective-C, we’ve really liked using Specta, Expecta, OCMock, and OHHTTPStubs. If you’re using Swift, we like using Quick and Nimble. Quick and Nimble also would with Objective-C but we haven’t tried that. This is mostly for Unit Testing. We haven’t come across an Acceptance or Integration testing framework that we’ve really liked; however, we’ve started using new patterns like MVVM to allow unit tests to cover almost everything.

Hope this helps! @gfontenot might also have opinions here.


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That’s awesome (an awesome list that is). It’s kind of a bummer that there isn’t a great acceptance tool yet.

Thanks very much for the suggestions!

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