Learning TDD with Objective-C

Hello everyone,

After dabbling a bit with Objective-C, I’ve decided to dedicate more time to learning it.
Can you recommend some resources to get started learning how to do TDD?

I have already bookmarked some of the resources mentioned on the Build Phase podcast, but I was hoping to get more contributions from the Learn community?


+1 on this. I spend a lot of time with Objective-C at the moment but I can’t find any good resources on really getting a good TDD workflow for anything but simple subclasses of NSObject.

Semi-off topic, I was looking for a web dev/Rails job awhile ago and they asked me to solve algorithm answers in Objective C using XCode “so they can see how fast I learn a new language”. Is this normal?? This is just the second interview I’ve had, the first one’s technical interview was more “normal” (“code up an app that does x”).

@daryllxd, all the tech interviews are did were restricted to Ruby. But then again, I don’t think I’ve done enough of them to have an idea if the situation you describe is common or not.

There is an ebook available on TDD with the Kiwi testing framework which certainly helped me along the journey: Test Driving iOS Development with Kiwi

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@hanneskaeufler, thanks for this! I’ll look into it.

Pivotal Labs has a two part blog post on using their Cedar test framework:


@Satindar_Dhillo, thank you. I’ll check that out as well