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Learning TDD with Objective-C

(Pedro Moreira) #1

Hello everyone,

After dabbling a bit with Objective-C, I’ve decided to dedicate more time to learning it.
Can you recommend some resources to get started learning how to do TDD?

I have already bookmarked some of the resources mentioned on the Build Phase podcast, but I was hoping to get more contributions from the Learn community?


(Max Woolf) #2

+1 on this. I spend a lot of time with Objective-C at the moment but I can’t find any good resources on really getting a good TDD workflow for anything but simple subclasses of NSObject.

(Daryll Santos) #3

Semi-off topic, I was looking for a web dev/Rails job awhile ago and they asked me to solve algorithm answers in Objective C using XCode “so they can see how fast I learn a new language”. Is this normal?? This is just the second interview I’ve had, the first one’s technical interview was more “normal” (“code up an app that does x”).

(Pedro Moreira) #4

@daryllxd, all the tech interviews are did were restricted to Ruby. But then again, I don’t think I’ve done enough of them to have an idea if the situation you describe is common or not.

(Hannes Käufler) #5

There is an ebook available on TDD with the Kiwi testing framework which certainly helped me along the journey: Test Driving iOS Development with Kiwi

(Pedro Moreira) #6

@hanneskaeufler, thanks for this! I’ll look into it.

(Satindar Dhillon) #7

Pivotal Labs has a two part blog post on using their Cedar test framework:


(Pedro Moreira) #8

@Satindar_Dhillo, thank you. I’ll check that out as well