Bourbon, Neat, Bitters

So I created a site with Bourbon, Neat and Bitters earlier in the year. And yes I know it is a dumb thing to do but I didn’t specify versions in the Gemfile. And so whenever I bundle update, I’ll get the latest stable version.

With the latest updated gems it seems the javascript fails for the modal windows and the tab components. I saw some chatter about changes to those gems a few months ago but chose to ignore because I was working on projects that didn’t use Bourbon, Neat and Bitters.

Are there any quick instructions for upgrading from let’s say the gem versions from 6-8 months ago to the present?

I was looking in the change logs but found nothing cohesive or maybe I don’t know where to look for it, and might take a few hours to pull it all together to get it to work properly again …Otherwise I might just git checkout and leave it for another time.