Twitter Bootstrap to Thoughtbot Neat/Burbon Suite site migration

So I’m migrating a site from Rails 4 to Rails 5 and from Twitter Bootstrap to Thoughtbot Neat/Bourbon Suite…
And there’s a lot of pain involved. Not to mention the new Neat 2.0 changes that need to be realized and mastered.

I know I should have done it in a more methodical way but I always choose the hard way. And since this is not a client proposed change/upgrade I can take my time and learn from the chaos. For me, learning the hard way sticks.

My specific question is focused on the scrollspy behavior.
It’s prepackaged in a scrollspy.js file in Bootstrap.
I’m 99% sure that Thoughtbot doesn’t have a parallel file.
And I’m not a really good javascript programmer.

I’ve seen some attempts at simplified scrollspys and I’ve tried to coax it to do what I want and I know I can force it but (not that I know any better than anyone else) but they seem dirty and smelly attempts. I’d like it to be clean and efficient code.

Anyone have a scrollspy starting point that I can leverage?.. that doesn’t use extra element ids or css attributes?

Thanks in advance.

Another lesson why you should have a test suite in place, go slow and don’t assume - least not for sanity’s sake.

8 days and 3 tear downs later I found that I had totally missed a css file that was required for a newly installed photoswipe feature… because of the weirdness of the behavior that the missing file caused, I thought it was possibly a javascript file or it was a side effect of the upgrade to Rails 5 and maybe an asset pipeline problem.

As for scrollspy in the previous post, I took the raw scrollspy.js file from twitter bootstrap and customized it to work with my new Neat/Bourbon based site navigation. Slick.

Because I was focused several breaking changes and breaking feature additions it was quite painful to correct.
Tough lesson.
8 days later, back on solid ground.

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