Client requesting Resumes of our Dev Team

How does everyone handle clients requesting to see resumes of your dev team?

We have had a few clients lately start asking for this.


That would worry me a bit.

  1. It sounds like the reputation of your organization isn’t strong enough, so the client feels the need to verify that you can hire good people. Are you doing things that prove your firm is capable like blogging, releasing open source code, etc?
  2. It sounds like this client will be a micromanager.

Two very different problems, but kind of concerning.

Curious what you think, @cpytel .

While yes, this is a red flag that the customer might not be ideal, if you don’t have a reputation to lean on, it may be an acceptable request that would be just fine.

Early on for thoughtbot we received this request sometimes. We had resumes for some of us and provided them when asked.

It hasn’t happened in a long time though, and if we got the request now we’d likely point them at the work we’ve done and our about page on our web site.

Thanks for the replies all. Yes, I am sure it is reputation to some extent, though I also think that many people still view offshore dev shops (we are based in Bangkok and Singapore) as ‘body shops’ which we are most certainly not.

We are planning to push back on customers that ask for resumes.