Client-side templating, fallbacks for users not using javascript, and being DRY

So I’ve got a piece of software that needs to work without javascript --it’s a weirdly important demographic for this work app due to the board of directors having eccentric folks on it. Is there a best practice for using backbone JS and html templating in a way that will allow the app to still work even for boring noscript users?

Note: I’m intending to only use models and views from backbone to allow for some ajaxy interactions to be built in a clean way using backbone’s patterns rather than going all in with setting up the router and stuff.

At a glance it’s looking like…

  1. I’ll need to at least create two code paths and link to a /page?no_script=true page when js is disabled, which sounds really non-DRY and burdensome.

  2. I’ll need to write an html.erb template AND a jst.ejs template.