Computer Science: Why Bother?

Computer science can seem scary, but with the right mental framework it's actually quite approachable. Follow along with Harry Schwartz, thoughtbot developer in Boston, as he walks you through his favorite parts of computer science and why it even matters for web developers.

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Hi there.

The link that says “linear algebra” links to Algorithms Unlocked.

The link that says “Algorithms Unlocked” links to… Algorithms Unlocked.

Is this intentional?

Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed this episode as someone who came to software development from an academic background in ancient languages and literature (including Latin). :smile: I’ve been learning C for a few months now and am looking forward to doing more with discrete math, distributed systems, and networking!

Thank you for this episode, I really enjoyed it! I’m in a CS program right now, and this episode have motivated me to learn more while I’m in school. I think learning Ruby and Rails helped me with a lot of CS courses I’ve taken. For example, I’m taking Computer Security course this semester and I can definitely relates the topics we cover in class to Rails Development :slight_smile: Anyways I always look forward to weekly iteration videos, thanks for making these every week!

Oops! Good catch. I fixed the linear algebra link to point to .

Great episode. The link for K&R C also points to the Algorithms Unlocked book.

Thanks for pointing that out, fixed!

More resources for this topic which is great:

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Thanks a lot Rafael for the link.

I came along this free course ‘Introduction to Computer Science’ on



Hi everyone, here is one more link for very comprehensive site on this topic