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Why no "Computer networks" topic?

(Charushin Roman) #1

Hello. My first days here.

I was clicking through learh.thoughtbot.com to find out what is available on this platform, and noticed that among all the trails, workshops, screencasts there is no coverage of “Computer networks” topic. By which I mean such fundamental aspects of web development as TCP/IP stack, HTTP protocol, mail transfer protocols etc.

I understand that the resource itself is not about low level programming or anything like that. But I think those aspects are musthave for web developer of any kind and any level. I mean how do you suppose to embrace RESTful architecture without this one on your bookshelf?

How about adding new trail?

(Ben Orenstein) #2

Actually, the trails are open source, so anyone can add one!

I suspect we’d happily merge a quality pull request on this topic.