Going for my masters in computer science

Good Evening all.
I have 4 years of web development experience working on Ruby on Rails and my undergrad was in electronics. I am very passionate about web development and being able to solve real problems. I am currently in my 7th job. Till now I have been unable to find very good startups where I could learn a lot. Every time either the startup has shutdown or changed their tactics to being a service based company. So I have decided to do my masters in computer science from USA as I am from India and I think if I study in USA then at least I will be able to learn hell of a lot of new things plus also focus on my skills.

I just want you guys to help me in deciding what courses to take in the next 2 years and also what skills I can improve. I am going to Syracuse University for doing my masters in CS.

I am interested in web development, algorithms and machine learning because I think these technologies can actually help solve the next real world problems.

^ Hello, I would recommend following your heart and saturating your mind with what draws you the most. That’s awesome that you are interested in things that solve real world problems. If it’s web development, algorithms and/or machine learning and courses related to those areas, go for it!