Deploying Haskell

Seeing as thoughtbot actually has Haskell running in production on Heroku I would like to ask what your current thoughts on deploying Haskell is.

I’ve been playing a bit with Stack and so far its been much nicer than raw Cabal. However I’ve had issues deploying a Yesod app built with Stack to Heroku.

So I was wondering what you would recommend? Halcyon? Cabal? Stack? Deploying with Docker?

We’ve successfully deployed applications using Halcyon so far. We wrote about our experiences in a blog post.

I’ve experimented with the Heroku Docker base image and the releases API to build and deploy Haskell projects. It’s definitely workable and maybe better in some ways. I have yet to try it on an actively-deployed production application, however.

I haven’t tried Stack out yet, either, but I’d be interested to do so.

I eventually found this buildpack

Its been pretty much smooth sailing from there.