Design Brief: demo site for webrc project

A brief summary of the business / site goals.

A site that demonstrates concept of web based remote control for HTML5 video players:

The key users.

The developers who curious about what can be done with
And then, possibly, for the people who are looking to improve the experience of watching films online.

Scenarios in which your app or site will be used.

The visitor should be able to watch short demo video by controlling its playback via the web browser on smartphone only, particularly any device with a QR code reader and compatible web browser.

Design style guidelines to follow.

  • Friendly
  • Nice
  • Creative

@wik I would narrow down who your typical users are. For example they are probably going to be more technical to have to find this and then know how install it properly. They also are probably going to have a specific problem in mind that this is going to be solved by this. Eg. I don’t think I’d use this while watching a 5 min youtube clip but I might use it sitting in bed watching a full length movie.

This is a little crazy but image your app as a person. The design guidelines should describe its personality. There are very few people I would call inspirational and a lot of them aren’t living anymore. For attractive, dig a little deeper, why are they attractive?

Regarding concept, yes, mostly others developers I think, and maybe system integrators.
But since this all about making demo site, they won’t need to install anything, just to have smartphone and some experience watching full length movies in the browser. Ideally if demo site could help to identify typical users.

I think we can focus on the full length movies for now, however it could be done as a remote control for youtube video as well, e.g. searching video from smartphone and then send to the full screen on the PC or preparing a list of videos on smarphone to send to the full screen TV when needed, i.e. in the class room or during the conference.

@kylefiedler do you think it is good idea to say “The peoples who watching full length movies online” or “The peoples who looking to improve experience of watching films online” ?

@wik I would narrow it down to the smallest group possible to start. A smaller target audience is easier to please than a larger one. So I would go with “The people who are looking to improve the experience of watching films online” which can basically lead to a headline that is along the lines of “Looking to improve your experience watching video online?”

With that said you should know or start to make calculated assumptions on who those people are. Who are they? How old are they? What kind of films are they watching?

Okay, feels like I misunderstood the purpose of design style guidelines and having hard times to see this demo site as a person…

Should I image it as a model on the fashion day and then design style guidelines would be something like: slender and beautiful? :smile:

From the perspective of the demo site I’d like to make something that others peoples would find nice looking regardless they find concept useful or not

If thats the image you want than sure, I think thats a great image to have. Remember though that models have negative stigma too. Whether its true or not they are thought to be stuck up, unapprochable, of a high class and think highly of themselves so you need to keep that in mind.

Everyone finds different people attractive and everyone finds different sites attractive. This is why consolidating who your audience is helps.

ok, updated audience and the design guidelines