Design brief for workshop D4D ( any way to enhance this site ?)

I picked a project i were working on and ran out of idea of how to make it look better/more attractive, easy to read, navigate …

A brief summary of the business / site goals.

i am (re)designing the front end of this project. It is a website that publishes informations (refute and/or approve ) about a topic.

The key users.

readers. They will be from different background.

Scenarios in which your app or site will be used.

People looking for the truth about “rumors”/political statement… They can also perform a search. I mainly have 3 pages:
index: that will list all the statements,
show: will give more details on the statement approbation/refutation,
result: will show the result of a search.

Design style principles to follow.

Quiet / Calm
Impersonal (The design should let the writing add the personality)

screenshot - before

screenshots - so far

index page

show page

result page 2

result page 2

What are the topics or what are some example topics?

You just stole my style guidelines! :smile: You should at least add some of your own.

you got me here the Design style principles to follow is yours…

Design style principles to follow: harmony, balance

I edited/updated my initial post… as i said i started to work on this before the class.
For now the topics are just some junk (seed data) but will be political statements in the live website.
Lie: the president immigration bill will ruin the economy.
True: …
I am using a 3 column grid for the simplicity of the information presented.
Hope this add more light to my project

Hey Adama,

Did you do any sketches that you could post here? I would say that for the sake of the workshop to pull back some of the style for now. I generally tell students to not worry about type or color till we have covered it. This is to put some constraints on your design so that you have less to worry about and less to focus on. How does that sound?


Here are the sketches:

Show page

Search page

@Adama I am so sorry I just saw that you responded to me. Somehow I missed this.

At any rate I think this is fine to start building. The only thing that stood out as odd was the positioning of the pagination. Usually you see them at the bottom of the list. One other thing I would suggest is to use real content in your designs. It makes a huge difference.