Homework on Design Principles and Typo

We took a standard main content article and tried to design it separated from the rest of the sites elements. It should look as good as possible in any screen dimension and any zoom level.

First try was without image, second has one: https://github.com/gutefrage/d4d

Technical aspects were irrelevant - our focus was the look

Any feedback welcome!

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Hey and here is my draft of the same basic site :wink:

Here in HTML: https://github.com/shostakovich/d4d/

Hey Guys, could you send along screen shots of what you are working on? Makes it a little easier to give feedback or throw it up in github pages. Also its helpful to have your own post, makes it a little clearer what feedback is for which project.

I’ve put my single howto articles on github pages:

Hey @oshaulo This is a good first step. Your type has great hierarchy. I am not sold on the use of Times though. Its not the easiest thing to read on screen. Its thin serifs don’t lend themselves well to reading long paragraphs of text on screen. This typeface was made in-particular for a specific reason (a newspaper), when I can I usually see what the designer was thinking for the typeface.

You also have the same <font> tag issue that @robertcurth had in his example. They are deprecated so you can just remove them.