Design Brief - My Cat Timer

Hi @kylefiedler, here is my Design Brief :slight_smile:

My Cat Timer Design Brief

A brief summary of the business / site goals.

It’s a personal project for me to practice HTML, CSS and Javascript. I want to build a Pomodoro timer
with the difference of having cat meows as the alarm sounds.

The key users.

People that use the Pomodoro Technique to finish their daily tasks (and like cats).

Scenarios in which your app or site will be used.

Access the app from a desktop or mobile device (responsive), set a timer to focus (25min), to take a small break (5min) and to take a long break (15min).

Design style guidelines to follow.

Easy to use
Exciting alternative for people to accomplish their goals

HI! This sounds fun! One suggestion I would have is that isn’t reflected in your style. If I want a simple timer I’m probably not going to use a cat timer :slight_smile: but if I want a more enjoyable / fun / exciting timer I would go for the cat timer (or in my case a dog timer)

HI, Kyle, thanks for the feedback! I edited the Design Brief, is it better?
I’m moving on to the Sketches/Wireframe now. Thanks!

Sounds great! Let me know if you’d like any other feedback as you keep moving along!

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thanks, Kyle!

Those are my sketches. Although they are simple, they were really helpful to do the wireframe (still working on it).

The wireframe is here: