Mindpeck: Reminders made easy!

Design Brief

The web application allows people to set reminders easily for themselves and their team members. The goal of the front page is to allow people to know about the website clearly and sign up easily.

Key users

Personal user: This user will use the website just to help himself be reminded about birthdays, meetings and other personal things.

Advanced User: This user will have multiple groups (such as family, work etc.) where he sets reminders for himself and other group members so they can be reminded when an event is about to happen.


This application is to be used when the user needs to set reminders easily for themselves or for their team members.

Design principles to follow

I want the design of the main page to be simple, aesthetically pleasing, with emphasis in the right places and consistent with the main application’s design after the user logs in.

The project I have chosen is for the landing pages, not the application itself, although I would like to use the elements and lessons learned from the main page design in there as well. The beta page currently is located at www.mindpeck.com, I want to make the final landing page when the application goes live.

Please post any critique on the brief itself since I also want to learn the art of creating proper design briefs. Thanks!

This sounds good.

One thing I would say though if flush out what your Principles are. Think of the app like a person how would describe it? Is this more business like or fun? Who is it that is using this? Is it for moms to coordinate with dads on kids activities? or business people to remind them and their teams of their thousands of meetings?