Getting a 404 on the first Test trail submission button

When I try to continue the “Testing Fundamentals: Passing Your First Test” exercise, I click submit and get the Rails “We’re sorry, but something went wrong,” message. It won’t let me progress to the next exercise, so I’m hoping someone will help me get to the next step.

When I first did the exercise and hit the submit button, everything went well and I got to see someone else’s code. I didn’t make any comments (the code looked like everyone else’s save for the name) and stopped there to go to work. I was going to come back and give code feedback to someone else, but keep getting this 404.

I appreciate any help.

Hey Sean,

Sorry for the trouble. Just to confirm: you’re still seeing the “We’re sorry, but something went wrong” message, correct?

We’re having some trouble with submissions which I’m working on fixing right now. I’ll update once that fix is deployed.

Thanks for your patience!


I just pushed a fix for these submission bugs. Can you try clicking the green button again?