Getting Help in Vim

In this episode, Ben shows you how to use vim's powerful built-in help. Commands mentioned: :h open help C-] follow links C-o jump back :helpgrep search your documentation :cn / :cp next and previous results :cwindow display all results in han...
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I was playing with helpgrep and I noticed some of the results I was getting back was in Chinese. :helpgrep ctrl-p takes me directly to the Chinese translation for instance, if I use :cn it’ll take me to the original English document.

Is there any way I can filter out the translated material and only show English? I assume I could probably find all the translated text files and remove them, but I’m not sure where they’re stored.

Do you have install some special plugins in vim? I think original vim doesn’t take you in Chinese. for investigate problem, you can keep blank plugins(vim folder empty).