How to install: textobj-rubyblock

Has anyone had an luck with installing textobj-rubyblock plugin? I know it requires Kana vim-textobject, and I believe that I have installed each plugin with Vundle.

Can someone help me install the textobj-rubyblock plugin? I am able to select inside a method and around a method (vam, vim), but I cannot do the same with ruby blocks.

I realize this question has been long dead, but I thought an answer would be helpful to others directed here by Google (like me). So here’s the solution:

Along with installing the vim-textobj-rubyblock and vim-textobject-user plugins, you’ll need to add the following line to your .vimrc file:

runtime macros/matchit.vim

Note: In most situations, the matchit.vim plugin does not need to be installed; it’s been included in the standard distribution since vim 6.0.

For more information, see the entry A Text-Object for Ruby Blocks on