How to remap Esc on OSX?

Hi! I’m thinking about remapping Esc to Cap Locks. I’m on OSX. I’ve found some tutorials, and all say that you need to install some application to hack the keyboard. So: is there a way to remap Esc to CL that doesn’t require additional software?


Take a look at Karabiner or Seil will probably do the job.

Why escape to caps though? :smile:

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Thank you @Sajoku. So it seems that additional software is required… I’ll have a look at them.

I basically want to map Esc to Caps Lock because I’ve just bought an ergonomic keyboard and Esc is too far away. Since I don’t use Caps Lock and is just there, beside A, I thought it was a good options. Would you recommend another key?

I find very useful to use a setup like next. so

Unfortunately it requires installation of an additional application but in my opinion the result worth it.

@carlesjove - i saw this convo on stack overflow about remapping from the command line. perhaps it could be useful to you?

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