Improving your Workflow, with Chris Toomey

In this video, Chris shows off his highly-efficient programming workflow. Ben and Chris discuss shell optimizations, advanced vim operators, using Dash for fast documentation lookup, and configuring Alfred to make darn near everything keyboard-dr...
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54 seconds into the video, only at tip number one, and MY MIND IS BLOWN.

Yes, Chris is the coolest and he is my mentor :slight_smile:

Anything that reduces the amount of math involved in my day-to-day living is A-O-K!

Glad to you hear you enjoyed the video, @geoffharcourt! I’ve been really enjoying cdpath of late.

@charlieanna Thanks as well.

What is the Alfred Virtualbox workflow you are using?

@sankage The Virtual box workflow is from:

wooooooooooww ! awesomeness ! Thank you