and JS performance

We set up this week on our application, and we’re hoping to deploy it this week to announce some cool new features to our clients.

Unfortunately, we found that when our web app loads on mobile Safari that we get some performance problems that make the app unusable. The mere loading of Intercom clearly makes the page slower, but the problems begin after reading a message and closing the Intercom messages tray. A few seconds after the Intercom tray is closed, the browser is unable to scroll up or down for several seconds (ranging from 5-30). I can’t see any exceptions being thrown, and other aspects of the page seem to demonstrate that the browser isn’t completely hung up (I can click on DOM elements with bound events and get the events, etc). We’re using a range of iPhones, including an iPhone 6 and the simulators on OSX, and every iOS device/software combination we’ve tested so far has had this problem.

The really bizarre thing is that this issue doesn’t appear to be a problem on Android Chrome, desktop Safari, etc. I’ve reached out to Intercom, but was curious if anyone here using Intercom has had similar issues and/or has any idea how to resolve or further investigate an issue like this.

Hm. We use Intercom across quite a few sites, including Upcase, and have not experienced this on them. Hopefully Intercom is able to help.

I know the people there so if you don’t hear back soon, let me know and I’ll follow up with them.

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Hi @cpytel, Intercom responded quickly to our support request, so they are helping us look in to what’s going on. Thanks for the extra data point re: thoughtbot’s usage of Intercom.

@cpytel, Intercom’s team put a fix into production for us related to some weird Webkit behavior in iOS. Not sure if you passed anything on to their team, but they said they found were alerted to the issue through Upcase.