Keyboard cheatsheet templates

Failing with the Googles, reaching out to thoughtboters and Learners:

Does anyone have any good ones that don’t require expensive software to use or maintain?

I want to create a keyboard cheatsheet that has my current leader commands, but want it to be something I can update over time if desired. Something that looks roughly like the infamous viemu version would be perfect:

I think Ukelele might work for you, though it’s geared at actually being a true keyboard layout creation tool…so maybe you’d just end up using a screenshot of the blank layout and overlaying text boxes in a preview document (if you don’t have Photoshop or Pixelmator). But maybe you could make it work by typing in the tool? Worth a shot anyway.

Here’s a screenshot of just messing with the first key and then doing file->print and opening it in preview. You could take a screenshot or something else too if that worked better.

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@jondkinney this is AMAZING. Thank you!