May class assignment: Pablo Picasso


I chose a personal project for this class: creating the Picasso page I would love to see using the wikipedia content.

Here is my first stab:

This first round includes:

  • A subset of the final content.
  • Layout-ish.
  • Type: So far only applied some line-height and a hand type to represent the style I am going after.
  • Color: Applied color in a couple of paragraphs to blend in with the paintings or assist with navigation.


  • Iterate and refine the three areas above,
  • Improve navigation,
  • Add animations, and
  • Perhaps, much more.


Hey Jason, This looks great. The simple two columns works well with the header image / painting up top. I’m going to point out some problems that I think you can improve on:

  • I think you have some work to do in the right columns though. Its
    distracting having the photo right below the text (which is already
    slightly hard to read)
  • I think that you can improve how the paintings are sitting on the
    background. The darker one seems fine but the lighter one the edges
    bleed into the background.
  • I agree that the navigation needs some refinement. You need to make
    sure that it is clear that there is a next page. I think you are
    close by making the first one red but I think you should do a little
    more exploration with it.


I refined the typography for the main paragraphs. The link below includes the before and after.

Hey Jason,

This looks great. I love the detailed type exploration. I also love that you took the classic Helvetica / Georgia approach. Keep it up.