Open Allocation - Can it work for Consulting Firms?

Open Allocation, founded (to my knowledge) by Valve Software as Flatland, and coined by GitHub, is management through peer structuring.

This model, where no “managers” exist, only contributors, has always fascinated me because every organization I’ve worked in has management hindering the organization instead of improving it.

I think this empowering, although cliqueish, environment leads to great products and incredible creative environments, is perfect for a product-centric company. I’m tempted to build an organization that applies these practices to contracts, clients, and consulting relationships of the service industry. What do you think about this no-management culture in a service firm?

For some background, you can read a plethora of sources:

Wow… now that is a great topic…

Personally in my consultancy there are no managers, but that is because it is just me :slight_smile: I would love to work in an environment where everyone produces rather than pushing other people’s work around for a living.

I guess that is why I consult. I LOVE THOSE LINKS!