Operating support

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Am building a native application for Indian users. Where can i get information for most dominant workstation operating system i.e % os users using Windows/Mac OS etc. Should the approach be different

Also if i’m building thin application (browser based) , should i build keeping specific browsers in mind.


Not sure about the OS. I googled a bit but didn’t find anything.

If you’re building a browser app that targets modern browsers (and uses something like jQuery), you should be able to get away with just testing in other browsers occasionally.

@benorenstein actually we are also creating a native app for windows and mac. And the native app opens up and syncs the data from the pedometer automatically as soon as the user attaches the pedometer to his computer. So do you know of any framework that does this? The source code of the pedometer is in c++.
And which OS should we target first, Mac or the Windows?

I haven’t done any desktop software development, so I’m not familiar with the frameworks there.

I think the first OS you choose should be based on some combination of how fast you think you can get something released and which OS your users use. You’ll have to decide what makes the most business sense.