Redesign or fix the website look after removing ads!

A brief summary of the business / site goals.
After being infected by many viruses we realized that the some ad plugins were the problems so we removed them, the result is staggering.The focus for the redesign is bring back the balance and a certain rhythm to the website without changing the colors.we also want to redesign the top navigation menu and the footer to make it look “clean”.

The key users.

This is a news website so the key users would be people interested in reading the news
Scenarios in which your app or site will be used.
I will go to the website to should be able to read new post on different topics. i should have a special focus on hot stories because this are the most relevant stories at a specific time.

Design style principles to follow.

Quiet / Calm


@rafikrafik the only comment I would have is not to talk about implementation details just yet

Can just be shortened to “i should have a special focus on hot stories” because…

The design should not change = Stable

I have been working on the header of the page to make it more simple and with less redundancy. Let me know what you think.



@rafikrafik I like the idea and I like the direction. I think you can push it a little further though.

  • Can you minimize the emphasis on the logo?
  • Do you need a home link icon?
  • Do you not need that other navigation?
  • I think the logo needs a little more whitespace around it. You don’t want it to look like it is getting squished.
  • Beware of the usability of just having the placeholder text for search. I think an icon would help that out.

I am working with wordpress and i am not very familiar with it so i am facing a lot of constraints.
-I am going to keep the home icon because without it i would have too much space to fill with the search box and it would look too ugly.
-I have added the whitespace around the logo and it looks neat.
-i would work on an icon for the search box for the usability

I want to focus on the typography now. I would like your opinion on a couple of stuff:

The middle widget
-I feel like the spotlight title is really bigger than the articles title and this would push the user to focus on the big titles

The newswire section
-Do you think the hierarchy is respected here?
-If I get rid of the sidebar and make it one column i would have a very long lines of description.

You can always go to the website and tell me what do you think about the typography of the website in general

i am also trying to refine the footer, i will give you an example of what i will do in the next reply

Here is the new footer

Here is the final result, let me know what you think:

The big thing thing that jumps out at me first is that you don’t have any interior axial alignment. This hurts the flow of the page, it also hurts the unity of the page since there is no size relationship between the pieces of your site. I think here is a place that I would normally go back to sketching and rethink my grid.

You are also now balancing 3 typefaces which I think you are doing ok now its just something to watch moving forward. I’ve also never been a fan of League Gothic. I think there are some better condensed typefaces out there. Thats just a personal thing though.