School Organization Rapid Prototyping Mockup + Mobile Mockup via Traditional Means

#School Organization Design Mockups In-the-browser and off.#
@kylefiedler: Hi Kyle, based on what was taught in the course and your feedback throughout the course, here’s another round of mockups.

##Rapid Prototyping Version
Using merely Chrome and Sublime to clean up things, I rapidly prototye
Note: Only the Last One Uses The Proper Serif Font, Adobe Caslon Pro for the body text

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Image 4

Image 5

Deviant from my mobile-first approach, I did a ‘mobile’ version via InDesign

Will also upload once I figure out how to best do so in its current form to

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@kevinlozandier Can you show me this but without all of the borders? There are just so many of them that they create tension in the design and distract me from the content. Next I’d like to see all the titles bold instead of regular weight. to add to the hierarchy and contrast between the titles and body copy.

@kylefiedler: Here’s a version without the main border

Here’s a version with zero borders:


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