Show Upcase / thoughtbot: “Between | Screens” – A micro-podcast about code & design


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve built a small Sinatra app for my podcast as well as my own Jekyll blog. It was a lot of fun and I wanted to share my little project here first.
The podcast is called “Between | Screens” and the accompanying blog is here.

Before I officially “launch” this project I wanted to take the time to say “Thanks very much!” to the fine folks at thoughtbot. For the last 2 1/2 years or so, your resources have been a tremendous inspiration and had a substantial impact on my trajectory. I’m very grateful for having my eyes opened to what’s possible with code / design and how awesome this industry can be.

The elevator pitch for this free of charge micro-podcast is to conduct extensive interviews with professional designers & developers and distill multiple small digestible knowledge bombs out of these conversations. You can expect to find content about the following topics: Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Design Patterns, Jekyll, Responsive Design, Git, Javascript, Client-Side Web Apps, Typography, Web Design, Sass, Prototyping, Letter Design and more …

So far interviewees include the following:
Avdi Grimm, Steve Klabnik, Brandon Mathis, Ryan Singer, Trent Walton, Natalie Weizenbaum and a few lesser known folks who I admire for their work.

I learned so much from all the resources thoughtbot put out there. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for being an inspiration to my project.


Ed, thanks so much! We really appreciate it.

If you’d like to interview anyone at thoughtbot for the podcast, just let me know!

Thanks very much for your generous offer Chad! Already planned to contact a couple of people at thoughtbot whose work I admire and ask for their time :smile:

  • Interview with Reda and Phil about about Neat / Bourbon and Open Source for designers.
  • Corwin would be fantastic to interview about his gorgeous mobile designs
  • Josh about RSpec, Factory Girl and how beginners can avoid getting intimidated with testing.

Would you be interested in doing an interview about Rails antipatterns for example? Maybe also a couple of questions about running a successful business without sacrificing quality and integrity :smile:

I’ll need a bit more time to publish my back catalogue of interviews before I can properly prep for new sessions but after that I’m more than happy to take you up on your offer early next year!

Merry Christmas!

Phil is not longer with thoughtbot, he went to Dropbox a little while ago, but he might still be interested in doing the show with you. Otherwise Kyle, Reda, and other thoughtbot designers will definitely be willing.

I’d also be happy to do an interview after the new year.


What a wonderful Christmas present, thanks very much Chad! :smiley:

Happy Christmas time!

Hi Chad!

I wanted to take you up on your generous offer and ask if you have time for an interview in the next couple of weeks or so? Would be awesome! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much!