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Ssh-keygen Heroku Login

(Buteau Francois) #1

I am on a windows computer trying to login to Heroku via command line.

After putting in my credentials, Heroku tells me I do not have a public key and that it can generate one. – I click yes am given an error that reads [could not generate key: ‘ssh-keygen’ is not recognized as an internal or external command]
it then kicks me out of heroku login.

Help please!

(Erik Guzman) #2

A quick google search can solve this problem it seems http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15018591/could-not-generate-ssh-public-key-for-heroku-in-windows-7

(Buteau Francois) #3

I have been stuck with this issue and actually have been on that stack overflow page but even after I download the toolbelt / git bash I am still receiving this error message