Strongbox::Lock#decrypt / error

I have a Strongbox::Lock#decrypt / decrypt(gem) paperclip_strongbox-lib/strongbox/lock.rb error.

I thought the solution would be to copy keys from our gem server to config/keys dir of the apps. This may need to be done because the data dump is from staging. Staging uses it’s pem keys to encrypt. The pem keys in my local env are not the same and they don’t work on data from staging or a different source.

However using scp ~/config/keys/. . in the apps dir didn’t solve the situation.

Hey Kim,

I’m afraid I don’t enough familiarity with this situation to help you out.

However, I don’t think this forum is a great place for this sort of question in general. I think you’d have better luck creating an issue on the appropriate repo, or even posting this on Stack Overflow.

I think this forum is best-suited for questions like “How do you guys handle secure storage of paperclip assets”, as opposed to “I’m getting this error, what do I do?”.


Ok. I understand.