I get a different error than instructor and can't fix it

I get a different error than the instructor gets and don’t know how to fix it to get this flashcards app to work. I also can’t get the upload feature on this forum to work correctly for me so that I can share the screenshots I took that shows the problem.

Hi, @Jacqueline. Is there any way that you can copy and paste the text of the error here (either from your browser or from the log file)? That may get us headed in the right direction to debug the issue.

:bug: :gun:

^^ my attempt at using emoji to denote debugging. :smile:

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Well, I finally managed to get the app problem sorted out, but still am having problems being able to upload files (including pics) to this forum.

I’m glad you were able to get the problem sorted out with your app, I wish I could help you with the issues you’re having with the forum.