The Playbook Workshop May 2013 Introductions

Welcome The Playbook Workshop, which officially kicks off today.

For this workshop we may share wireframes, mockups, and have rich discussions so we’ll use the forum for these discussions. When you post, choose “The Playbook” category, just like this message.

To kick things off, please share a little bit about yourself, what you are working on, and what you hope to accomplish in this workshop.

I look forward to working with you all!
-Chad Pytel

I am a non-ruby developer who also tries to be a designer, and eventually hope I can do both jobs… I joined this workshop for no particular goals or projects to work on. I just want to get a rough idea about the whole process of how startups or a web/mobile project runs, in short, how Thoughtbot plays. BTW, the video is quite unwatchable, it constantly pauses or stalls, which does not happen on other programs such as Youtube.

@kanaeiref I’m sorry for the trouble with the videos. Where are you located? I can check with the video hosting company and see if they know of any issues. Thanks.

@cpytel Thanks for following up.I am in Cambridge MA. I watched the video at 7am this morning and the problem seems to have been solved. So no need to worry about it anymore. Thanks.

Im a solo Ruby & Rails developer from Sweden. Perhaps im the only one in town. At work im coding on a rails app mostly used by the staff, i have made a broker system in rails as a side project at home for a friend(ex broker/“VP”/seller).

I like to improve my tools and my workflows. I like routines, but its a challenge to improve them (issues, sourcecontrol, TDD). I am hoping to someday get developer friends, be able to try pair-programming and to perhaps even work in a team

One of the few developers i’ve met in real life was Mike Burns at Bishop Arms Stockholm because he announced free beer so i booked a 621km flight to get one.

@Rockfordal that must have been the first drinkup we ran, I attended the second, I’m sorry we missed each other!

What are you currently using for issue tracking and source control?

Hello… I’m a product manager who does a bit of development for our startup. I was hoping to improve my ruby/ror skills and learn a bit about running experiments to validate ideas in our company. I registered for a RoR course in Boston, but thought I’d take this just to stay in the zone until the June class.

Hello, I’m a Rails developer from Porto, Portugal. Currently, I work as a translator and do some development for the company I work at, usually small tools to optimize project management processes.

I subscribed to Learn Prime hoping to improve my knowledge and gain experience to apply to

Programming has truly stolen my heart and my main goal in life at the moment is to transition to a full time development career.

Yes, perhaps ill see you another time

Im using Git, Trajectory (Pivotal Tracker at home).
I’ve completed Codeschools cource Git Real 1 & 2.

Im seldom branch. I’ve heard it was possible to integrate git feature branches with some issue trackers, but being experimental. Im eager to learn the way you roll or recommend, but feel free to save the best for this or the Test Driven workshop :smile:.

I work for a small non-profit with a big vision of a world where people know, use, and enjoy mathematics. To this end, we are building an expert community supported by a website to help school math teachers with the new Common Core State Standards. You could call me the product manager.

I signed up for the Playbook to get thoughbot’s perspective on best practices. I’m traveling in Europe for the next three weeks but will try to keep up!