Running Meetups and Events

Meetups are a great way to involve yourself in your local programming communities, as well as find other people with similar interests. Join Melissa Xie and Gabe Berke-Williams to learn how to organize and run your own meetups.

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@mxie, do you have a link to your github notes? =)

Hey @antwonlee - sorry for the delay! Here is an example of the notes we were talking about: RailsBridge Boston Cookbook. It could use some reorganizing, but it essentially has a bunch of notes on what kind of tasks are involved and when they should be done in order to run a workshop. These docs are constantly updated as needed just as we do with code with issues, PRs, etc.

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Thank you so much @mxie! This is a great resource. I am trying to help out with a new meetup, and this is a great start!

Anytime! The docs could definitely come in any form. Checklist, timeline, etc. It’d be great to see what you come with for yours!

@mxie Thanks for sharing your experiences related to running meetups and events. Two months back I had the opportunity to facilitate a Ruby Meetup based out of Bangalore, India where people solved an exercism kata via Pair Programming. I wrote about my learnings from facilitating this meetup in this post in case somebody wants to facilitate a similar meetup in the future. This post also has a mention of some important takeaways that the participants had at the meetup.