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Tmux switching windows

(Anthony) #1

In the tmux trails, Part 3: Navigation, I learned one can use the key combination:

prefix + l

to switch windows.

I’m using tmux version 2.1 and this build in key binding seems gone (tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet)

However I found the keybinding prefix + l very convenient for switching windows.

Does someone now how to define a custom key binding, so that:

prefix + l

wil switch windows again?

thanks for your help,


(Matt D) #2

Hey Anthony,

I could be wrong, but I don’t think that was ever a default key binding to switch windows. To switch windows you can:

Move to the next window: <prefix>: n
Move to a specific window number: <prefix>: <win #>

To set <prefix>: l as your next window command you could do:

bind key l next-window

Before any of that, you’re not confusing windows with panes are you?

(Anthony) #3

Hi mdoza, thanks a lot.

I added:

bind-key l next-window

to my ~/.tmux.conf file, and now I can switch between windows using the key combination prefix + l



(Matt D) #4

Excellent, glad I could help.