Which JS Plugin or Library?


I’m taking a Web Interaction and Animation class which is mainly focusing on HTML 5 Canvas & Javascript, one of the projects is to do a presentation on a JS Plugin or Library…

The objective of this assignment is to create a fully functioning HTML5 presentation that will show off and teach how to use a jQuery or JavaScript library or plug-in.’

I’ve already done a presentation for one class on Backbone.js, so if anybody has a great suggestion of which plugin or library to choose, I would really appreciate any input.

Project is not due until the 19th. So I have approx 10 days to research, build something with the library/plugin, and then do a video presentation.


I haven’t really kept up with what’s best for a while, but I remember Reveal.js being pretty good. If that’s not to your liking, searching on github for js presentation came up with some pretty good results for me: Search · js presentation · GitHub