Gabe joins Ben to discuss They discuss how to be a great mentor, how to help apprentices feel comfortable, and how (and why) to run an apprenticeship program at your company. thoughtbot's Apprenticeship repository Mentor Handbook
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Thanks guys for making this episode. It was very informative, and I really love how you guys invest in junior developers.

I am currently preparing for applying to My goal is to apply by end of this year. I had coffee with Sean from Denver office, and was informed they are probably not accepting any apprentices this year at Denver location. Just a thought, I think It would be nice for applicants if we are able to know in the website which locations are currently accepting or not accepting apprentices.

Great episode guys! I’ll second @anthony’s request. It would also be nice to have the ability to select multiple locations or even an “all the above” option.

Great episode guys! @benorenstein or @gabe can you tell me where I can find more on the patterns you discussed in the episode, even better do you know where I could find them all? I would look on google for the others but I don’t know what they are?


Hi Scott,

Which patterns in particular were you asking about? There’s a book called “Apprenticeship Patterns”, which we reference in the episode - it’s a great resource for getting in the right mindset as an apprentice or as a mentor.

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9:50 "Hey, we have half a person… " - )) hilarious