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Congrats to Thoughtbot

(Luís Ferreira) #1

I just wanted to congratulate you guys for the net awards nomination for Agency of the Year and also for having Bourbon nominated for Open Source Project of the Year.

It’s a great indicator that you’re going in the right direction. :wink:

(Charlieanna) #2

Where can I read more?

(Luís Ferreira) #3


(Robert Lee-Cann) #4

It’s certain well deserved, especially given how much they give back to the community.

You can vote for them at: https://thenetawards.com/vote/agency/

(Acandael Acandael) #5

yup, I voted in the Open Source category for Bourbon



(Chad Pytel) #6

Thank you all so much!

(Scott Hollinshead) #7

I have just voted too :D!

(ed_wassermann) #8