Design Brief: IdleCampus, web plus mobile site for teachers and students

A brief summary of the business / site goals.
To enable teachers/admins of colleges to create timetable/schedule for each class or batch and then send the timetable to the registered students mobile.
The key users.
Teachers/Admins: Who create groups and timetable for each group they want to create a timetable for.
Students: Who receive the timetable on their Android and iOS smartphones.

Scenarios in which your app or site will be used.
A teacher first goes to the website to create an account, creates a new group called Electronics. He gets a unique group code for the group which he then gives to the students of the electronics class to follow. And when the teacher creates the timetable on the web and clicks the button “SEND”, the timetable goes to each student’s smartphone for viewing.

The teacher can also create as many groups as possible, can edit the timetables for already created timetable, can send alerts from the web to students using push notification.

Design style principles to follow.
A style which seems engaging to both the teachers and students. The user who creates the timetable should not get frustrated while creating the timetable. I don’t want him to think how the timetable is created rather it should come natural to him.

You can see for the designs I have done till now.

I created the homepage of today. Got a score of 95/100 from google page speed. I wanted to know if this project complies with the 7 design philosophies.

By timetable schedule do you mean a syllabus? Why do students want that on their phone? Why do teachers want to put their syllabus on their students app?

For the design principles just have a list of adjectives that you would like people to describe you app.

I think speed is important but I wouldn’t worry about it right away.

What do you think? Can you tell me how you are applying the principles?

One thing I would say is make sure that your text is actual text not all an image. That way you get more organic SEO, you comply more with accessibility and you don’t have to worry about making the text retina / high resolution.

no Kyle, timetable here means the class schedules that repeat every week. And will be basically created by colleges for each branch here. For example electronics branch. And then each student here will get that schedule on his mobile. Here in India there is an already defined set of classes for each branch, there are no options to choose one’s own subjects. Choosing subjects happen only for the last year of college that too for one subject for semester.

When I was a student 5 years back, no one send send the timetable/class schedule on my mobile but instead the college used to put that into notice boards where students would either copy it down in their notebooks or take a photo from their mobiles.

This happen here everywhere, in schools, colleges, universities. That is why I am doing this. It becomes very easy for students to view their schedules or timetables.