Design Brief: Memx

Design Brief: Memory Exercise App Called Memx

A brief summary of the business / site goals.

The focus of Memx is a series of exercises that allow you to improve your
brains health. Memx will also allow its users to create custom memorization
exercises for memorizing various lists, numbers, words, images etc…

The key users.

The Mnemonist

This is the mental athelete who is training for memory championships.
They will want to memorize numbers, faces, lists and track thier perfomance.

The Student

These are people who studying for tests or trying to retain more information
on a given subject. Because their subject matter can vary, they need the
ability to create custom exercises

The Programmer or Tech Nerd

The programmer trying to improve their knowledge on a particular languages api
would use pre-made exercises that cover their language or create one of thier

Scenarios in which your app or site will be used.

Mnemonist: navigates a list of memorization games and selects the random
numbers game, they play several iterations trying to beat their highest score.

Student: Looks for humany anatomy and finds it does not exist, she creates an
exercise that allows her to memorize all the muscles for a human.

The Programmer: Looking to prepare for an interview he searches for Ruby to
to memorize its api.

Design style guidelines to follow.

  • Simple - minimize any visual obstacles that can impede the user from using
    the app
  • Informative - provide information, context and visual queues that might
    enhance the user’s understanding and provide clarity.
  • Helpful - provide walk throughs, and instructions that allow the user to
    adapt to new exercises or help them create their own
  • Creative - the mind is as artistic as it is technical so the app should
    reflect this creativity in its design.

cc: @kylefiedler

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